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Malaysian Kullan


Surprisingly, although they’re called dwarf coconuts, these plants reach a full size of approximately 30 to 60 feet tall with leaves that can be up to 10 to 20 feet long. Malaysian coconuts produce a high yield.

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The Malaysian coconut tree is relatively low maintenance if it is planted in a suitable outdoor spot in the proper climate zone. These trees are robust enough to withstand drought, wind and the salt a coastal location might bring. With proper care, they could be grown inside for a period of time, although the plant may soon outgrow the ceilings in a house.

Your coconut will want full sun, so choose a location where it will get the most light possible. You’ll also want to have effective drainage as well as texture, so look at the soil into which you’re planting. You may need to add sand (to improve drainage) or organic matter (into sandy soil) depending on the mix that’s already in the ground. If you’re planting the coconut itself, dig a hole that will hold the bottom half of the coconut and pack it into place, watering well.


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