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Known as sweet limes or sweet lemons, Mosambi belongs to the citrus family. Mosambi grows as an evergreen perennial with vigorous thorns and is adapted to tropical, subtropical, and Mediterranean climates.

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Depending on the fruit’s ripe, mosambi can taste tart or extremely sweet. The branches are smooth, branched irregularly, and bear numerous thorns. White fragrant flowers bloom on it.


A deep, well-drained, loamy soil is ideal for growing Mosambi. Crops can be grown on heavy soils, but cultivation becomes complicated if they are not well drained. It is recommended to keep the soil pH at 6.5 to 7.5. Water-logged soils are incredibly harmful to the plant. An ideal climate is about 50 to 75 cm of rainfall from June to September and a clearly defined summer and winter season.


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