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Strawberry Guava


Strawberry guava is also known as cattley guava, purple guava, or Chinese guava, although it is native to the Americas. Strawberry guava generally grows to heights between 6 and 14 feet (2-4.5 m.), although they can grow taller.

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Strawberry guavas are primarily eaten fresh, straight from the tree. The skin, flesh, and seeds are edible, and due to the very hard consistency of the seeds, they are often swallowed whole or discarded. Strawberry guavas can be sliced and tossed into salads, used as a fresh topping over ice cream, or mixed into yogurt and oatmeal.


Strawberry guava care is generally easier. This tree is hardier and will tolerate more difficult conditions than common guava. It does best in full sun. When growing a strawberry guava tree, soil considerations are not too important. It will tolerate poor soils that other fruit trees will not, including limestone soils. If you do have poor soil, your tree may need more watering to produce fruit. The strawberry guava tree that produces red fruit is also very drought tolerant. These trees are generally considered pest and disease free.


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