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Vietnam Early


If you love jackfruit but could not grow it because of lack of space in your home or you want to grow a jackfruit tree and wants the fruit in a year, do not think it is not possible. Vietnam super early jackfruit is the answer to all of these wishes.

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Vietnam super early jackfruit tree bears fruit much before it turns one year old. It will bear fruit twice a year and at least 20-30 fruit will be produced in a season. Another notable remark of the variety is that it does not need much space to grow. This aspect makes Vietnam early jackfruit tree a favourite for the flat dwellers as they can grow the tree in a drum or a barrel.


The plant needs more than 6  hours of Direct Sunlight. The soil should be well-drained, fertile & rich in organic content. Water when the topsoil(2-3 inches) feels dry to touch. Initially, for up to 1 year apply any organic fertiliser once a month. After full establishment apply any organic fertiliser(2-3 times in a year) or before the flowering season. It is not recommended for planting in very congested places & Does well in a variety of soils – provided there is adequate irrigation.


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