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Landscaping Service

We are professional landscaping and garden setting service providers.

Plant Nursery

We provide all kind of indoor, outdoor, and fruiting plants.

Our Branches

Hilite Mall Kozhikode, Valamkulam, MOG Malaparambu, Vallikunnu, Vriksha

Landscaping & Garden Setting

Let us create your own private retreat. A beautifully constructed home always needs a well-arranged courtyard and indoors that show tropical beauty. We create your own tropical heaven. Let us make a pleasant atmosphere with beautiful gardens, plants, flowers, and greenery.  We are experts in transforming backyards into private paradises and cityscapes into lush green spaces.

Professional Landscaping Service

Green Up Your Space
With Us

We also take care of the maintenance of your space after the garden has been installed. This keeps your garden lush and in bloom throughout the seasons. We have invested heavily in researching and developing climate-appropriate landscape designs, green spaces, terrace gardens, and roof gardens over the years.

Plant Nursery

Indoor & Outdoor Plant Collection

At mall of gardens, we have a wide range of indoor and outdoor plant collections. Add some life to your outdoor space with our vast collection of outdoor plants, designed to create a stunning natural oasis. Our wide collection range from flowering shrubs to fragrant herbs, is designed to help you create a peaceful, relaxing space where you can escape from the stresses of daily life

House Plants

Small Plants Collection

“Simple is the best”, they say. Small plants are so simple and beautiful. Succulents always attracts attention with their cuteness. So we have made small plant collections that will make you fall for them.

Mall Of Gardens

Buying Indoor Plants Online

Finding the best and quality plants is one of the toughest thing when it comes to buying plants. Mall of Gardens is the plant nursery in calicut. Our plant experts can help you out in this process. With years of experience in the field, we always try to provide the best quality plants that will live long to become the best plant nursery in kerala.

Gift a Plant

Gifts That will be Remembered Long

Gift your favorite ones! Show you love through the live gifts. Live gifts are one of the most precious and unique way of gifting people. Materialistic gifts loose their charm with time, Plant gifts grow with time making them more beautiful and the person will remember every time they admire the plant.

We provide rental service for the following occasions. Just make a call or message us to know more details.

  • Office Plant Rental
  • Live plant rental

  • Office tree rental

  • For special occasions

Rent Plants to Enhance Your Special Days

At Mall of Gardens we provide live plants for short-term or long-term rental periods to businesses or individuals. The service typically includes delivery, installation, and maintenance of the plants, as well as regular replacements if needed. Now you can enhance the appearance of indoor spaces and create a more pleasant and inviting environment for special days.

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How to grow money plant in water

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How can we cultivate a money plant in water?Money plant is a typical indoor and outdoor house plant. It is one of the few plants that can thrive in clean water without the use of fertilizers. It’s simple to grow and takes little attention.Money plants are thought to bring good luck, prosperity, fortune and happiness […]

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