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Cactus Echinopsis Chamaecerius


  • Common Names : Peanut Cactus
  • Soil Type            : Well drained sandy soil without fertilizers.
  • Temperature       : Prefers warm temperature.
  • Sunlight             : Bright direct sunlight
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The peanut cactus (Echinopsis chamaecereus) is a branched cactus with finger-like stems that has a clustering and trailing growth habit. This growth habit makes it a great choice for hanging baskets. Each ribbed stem can grow up to 6 inches long and half an inch in diameter and is covered in small white bristles. It blooms in late spring to early summer. It has orange red flower with a size of 2 inches wide. While this cactus might look prickly, the spines on the peanut cactus are actually relatively soft.

The peanut cactus is a low-maintenance cactus that is easy to grow both indoors and outdoors. Native to Argentina, this mountain-dwelling cactus enjoys bright, sunny conditions and infrequent watering. While the peanut cactus cannot tolerate frost, it does require cooler winter temperatures in order to set buds for the following growing season. Healthy peanut cacti will display beautiful red-orange flowers in the late spring to early summer.


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