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Sempervivum Calcareum


  • Common Name  : Houseleek, Roof House Leek
  • Soil Type            : Well drained soil.
  • Temperature       : Survive in any temperature.
  • Sunlight             : Bright sunlight

Sempervivum calcareum is a perennial, succulent plant which is up to 15 cm (6 inches) tall. The symmetrical, dome-shaped rosettes of this hardy perennial are densely packed with numerous pale green, blue-tinged, tongue-shaped leaves with pointed, often maroon-stained tips. The rosettes multiply via short-stalked offsets to form dense mats. In summer, some older rosettes bear clusters of starry, yellow-eyed, pale pink blooms on thick stalks with clasping scale-like leaves. Rosettes that flower dies soon thereafter.

Sempervivum calcareum is a cold hardy succulent that can survive outdoors in freezing winter temperatures. Like most other Sempervivum, it likes full sun or bright shade and cannot tolerate deep shade. It should be kept outdoors, if at all possible, as it does not do well indoors. Sempervivum calcareum looks amazing in rock gardens as well as in containers. As a succulent, the houseleek is drought tolerant and does not need frequent watering. Overwatering increases the risk of fungal growth and root rot. Wait until the top of the soil completely dries before watering the plant again.


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