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Calathea Peacock


  • Nickname              : Peacock Plant, Cathedral Windows
  • Light                     : Medium indirect light
  • Where to grow       : Bright indoors, shaded outdoors
  • Maintenance Level : Low maintenance

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This beautiful calathea has thin dark green to purple foliage with peacock markings having lime feathering on red-pink stems. Pale green leaves grow 10 to 12-inches long and have a dark green feathered effect from the middle of the leaf to the outer edge. New leaves look pink before they unroll. The stems are always a reddish-maroon shade, and the underside of the leaves are dark purple.

They do produce flowers, but they are very small and not ornamentally significant.

Peacock plants are typically grown indoors where the temperatures are steadily warm all year round, but peacock plants can be grown outside in certain growing zones. Filtered light conditions are recommended, but these plants can also grow in full shade, although this can slow down growth significantly. To allow your peacock plant to thrive, ideal temperatures are between 60ºF – 75ºF. High levels of humidity are also key to your peacock plant thriving. Feed peacock plant from spring to fall, during its growth period.

1 review for Calathea Peacock

  1. Nimisha Manoj

    Received in good condition

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