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Syngonium Neon


  • Nickname              : Five Fingers, Arrowhead vine.
  • Light                     : Semi-shade with indirect sunlight
  • Where to grow       : Bright indoors, shaded outdoors
  • Maintenance Level : Low maintenance

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Syngonium Neon plant has an upright, symmetrical, dense, and  bushy growth pattern. The height of a mature plant is around 20 cm. The spread or width of the plant body is around 35 cm. This plant gets slow growth in winter. So, don’t worry, because your Robusta is pretty fine. It is just sleeping and will start to flourish as soon as spring arrives. The length of a mature leaf ranges between 7 to 10 cm with a width of around 8 cm. The plant has adventitious roots or nodes on the stem. Moreover, it has a strong underground rooting system, just like other Syngonium plants.

These plants have a medium tolerance for droughts. However, they usually love moist soil. A simple strategy for summer is to water thoroughly after the upper layer of soil gets about 70% dry. Semi-shade with indirect sunlight is the ideal condition for the plant. Howbeit, the Syngoniums are usually resistant to a variety of light conditions including a well-lit shady area. The complete shade is not bearable by the plant. The optimal temperature range for the plant is 60 to 85 °F.( 15 to 29 °C). This plant needs a rich, well-drained, and light substrate. Potting mixes are better and light as compared to the potting soils. Additional nutrients will show good effects on plant health.


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