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Calathea Roseopicta


  • Nickname              : Calathea Rosy
  • Light                     : Medium indirect light
  • Where to grow       : Bright indoors, shaded outdoors
  • Maintenance Level : Low maintenance

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Calathea is loved by houseplant enthusiast as it produces perennial plant that grow in clumps for 50 cm, making it ideal plant to fill spaces. The average height of the Calathea roseopicta is 20 inches. Tiny white- and purple-colored flowers can be seen in Calathea roseopicta plant during summers. They are so small to get noticed but enticing to have. Calathea roseopicta has big elliptic leaves that come with pinkish stripes right along the midrib that is pink when the plant is juvenile and becomes white when mature but look equally beautiful.

It has large rounded leaves that are dark green above, red below. The surface of the upper part of the leaves is marked heavily (painted) with cream or pink stripes all along the veins and midriff, accompanied by feathered margins. Maintain a high temperature around your calathea roseopicta plant. However, this high temperature is the normal temperature of hot regions.



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