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Gasteria Little Warity


  • Common Name  : Gasteria Little Warty.
  • Soil Type            : Well drained soil.
  • Temperature       : Prefers moderate temperature.
  • Sunlight             : Bright sunlight

Gasteria is also known as ‘Little Warty’. As the plant matures you can expect it to reach up to 13 cm (5″) tall and about 10 cm (4″) in diameter. The plant is best known to have beautiful looking green leaves that grow upwards. The plant is best propagated by offsets making it ideal for people who enjoy propagating succulents.

The gasteria succulent can be grown indoors or outdoors, it’s your choice. Growing outdoors will definitely help this succulent grow bigger and mayne healthier, but indoor growing is still great. Indoor growing is very common and popular for this succulent, more and more succulent lovers are growing this one indoors. You can also grow this succulent in any location outdoors, just as long as the weather is warm and suitable for growing succulents. This succulent isn’t cold hardy, so it won’t survive outdoors during the cold winter. The gasteria succulent is very easy to grow and care for.

When growing the gasteria succulent you should use fast/well draining succulent soil. Fast/well draining succulent soil is very important when growing this succulent all because it will help it grow healthy and prevent root rot.


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