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How To Repot Indoor Plants?

How to repot indoor plants

So you’re interested in learning how to repot indoor plants? Many indoor plants are low-maintenance and don’t necessitate much of your care. That isn’t to say they can’t be taken into account. Even plants that grow slowly will need to be repotted at some point. Some plants that grow slowly may not need to be repotted for a long time. They will, however, eventually require fresh soil, if not a slightly larger growing area.

Here are some methods for repotting your indoor plants?

  • Choose a pot
  •  Add some clay balls.
  • Add some coco peat
  • Prepare the plant
  •  Remove the plant from its    current pot
  • Place plant in a new pot
  • Add soil into the pot around the root ball.
  •  Add some perlite.

Your plants will just require a few things from you: sunlight, water, nutrients, and space to flourish. Giving them some more space and new soil once a year or so can keep them healthy and strong, allowing them to continue releasing fresh oxygen while also looking lovely for you. When you repot your plants, it’s a fantastic time to give them a nice pruning and that additional bit of love and care.

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