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Syngonium Lemon


  • Nickname              : Syngonium Lemon Lime
  • Light                     : Medium indirect light
  • Where to grow       : Bright indoors, shaded outdoors
  • Maintenance Level : Low maintenance

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Syngonium Lemon has white leaves with lime green coloration. Syngoniums are climbers with arresting arrow shaped leaves and grow both aerial and subterranean roots. They are fast growers and best grown on a moss stick/trellis, in hanging planters, or against a surface. A very low maintenance plant.

Arrowhead vines are easy to grow and do well growing indoors in a low-to-medium light as a trailing, climbing or hanging vine. It can also be kept pruned for a more bushy appearance. If growing indoors, place in a bright spot with exposure to indirect sunlight/ambient light for at least six hours daily. If growing outdoors, place in semi-shade as exposure to strong direct sunlight will burn the leaves of this plant.


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