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Sapota is a high-calorie fruit offering 83 calories per 100 gram with an abundant source of fibres and vitamins. It is rich in vitamin A and vitamin C that help to build immunity and skin health.

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It is commonly known as Chiku and it is mainly cultivated in India. It is mainly used for the production of latex which is used for the preparation of chewing gums.


Sapota is a slow-growing evergreen tree. It is grown in variety of soil but deep alluvial, sandy loam soil and black soil having good drainage are ideal for doing sapota farming. The tree usually grows to a height of more than 30m and prefers warm and moist weathers. It is a wind-resistant plant and starts producing fruits between the third or fourth year after plantation. The bark of the plant is rich in a white, gummy latex called chicle and leaves are alternate, elliptic to ovate, long green and glossy, bearing white blossoms that are bell-like with a six-lobed corolla.


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