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Velvet Apple


Fruits are bright red, 8-10 centimeters in diameter and have a velvet skin. The skin resembles the smell of cheese, but the fruit has not much odor and has pleasantly sweet taste. The pulp is whitish cream which covers several rather big seeds.

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Velvet Apple is a genus of about 500 species and is mainly native to the tropics, although hardier varieties have now been developed. Their evergreen nature enables them to provide year-round coverage, making them popular as hedging plants. With an elegant ornamental quality and delicious edible fruits, these plants also work well as standalone trees.


Early spring is the ideal planting time for velvet apple. In the fall, collect mature fruits that are pure, well-developed, and have no pests and diseases. Watering is key at 4 different points throughout the year: pre-germination, the new branch growth period, the fruit expansion period, and before the soil freezes. Pruning is best carried out in the late winter, when the plant is still dormant, but additional pruning may also be needed during the growing season.


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