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Philodendron Moonshine


  • Common name      : Philodendron Moonlight
  • Light                     : Medium to bright, indirect sunlight.
  • Where to grow       : Bright indoors, Shaded outdoors
  • Maintenance Level : Medium maintenance

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Philodendron Moonshine is a very popular houseplant. Philodendrons have a beautiful upright growth with bright yellow leaves. The spear-shaped, light-green foliage starts out as lime green. As the leaves age, the lime color becomes less intense. It has the ability to grow up to 6 feet in height if kept in ideal conditions. Leaves are up to 35 inches long and approximately 2.4 inches wide. Leaves grow vertically from the base that gives this plant an amazing architectural look.

Philodendron Moonlight has a fairly long bloom time for a Philodendron, lasting a month or more. Philodendron flower stem tends to be almost the same thickness as the main stem. They consist of a 5″ inch white spadix almost completely surrounded by a pink to red spathe. Bright partial shade or indirect light will ensure a happy moonlight Philodendron. As with all philodendrons, moonlight requires a moderate amount of water. Once the soil has become dry to about 1” inch deep, it’s time to water.

It is a fast-growing succulent plant, that can give an impressive look to any home or office space. While you may propagate moonlight in many ways, such as stem cuttings and bulbs, the easiest method is to divide the plant when repotting.


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