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Philodendron Congo Red


  • Nickname              : Rojo Congo Philodendron
  • Light                     : Medium to bright, indirect sunlight
  • Where to grow       : Bright indoors, Shaded outdoors
  • Maintenance Level : Medium maintenance


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Philodendron Red Congo is an attractive tropical plant that produces showy flowers and interesting leaves. It gets the name rojo from its new leaves, which unfurl in a deep, shiny red. However, as the leaves mature, it will fade to a burgundy green colour. Rojo in Spanish is red. Its flowers are very fragrant and come in shades of red, green, and white.

As members of the philodendron family, Red Congo prefer bright indirect light, though they can adjust to medium levels of light as well. Keep them out of harsh direct sunlight, as too much of it can burn their leaves. Let your Red Congo dry out between watering. Water thoroughly when topsoil is dry, usually once a week. Avoid overwatering, and note that your watering schedule may be less frequent during winter months. Red Congo, unlike other philodendrons, are not climbers but instead “self-heading” plants, meaning they grow new foliage in layers from a single stalk. They are relatively slow growers and can reach up to four feet tall indoors. Fertilize your Red Congo 1-2 times per month in the spring and summer with indoor plant food, or foliar feed year round.


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