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Ganga Bondam Coconut


  • Ganga Bondam is a dwarf variety of Coconut and can be grown in a few areas of Kerala, Tamilnadu Andhra Pradesh particularly for coconut water (milk).
  • This variety starts bearing from 4thyear onwards.

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The plant has an average height of 10 ft which makes it easy to climb and cut the fruit. The fruits are big in size and have almost 1000ml of water in each fruit. This plant can be grown in Home gardens too. It yields on average 60 fruits per tree. To get hybrids this plant is used as a male parent to cross with tall varieties.

Plant Care

  • Select Full Sun with Coastal Area will be best for growing Coconut.
  • The coconut tree grows about 15 meters wide. The distance between two trees should be a minimum of 8-10 meters.
  • It is not recommended for planting it in very congested places & Does well in a variety of soils – provided there is adequate irrigation.
  • Planting Pit size of (1 x 1 x 1m) should be taken. Topsoil from these pits should be mixed with 50 kgs farmyard manure or well-decomposed cow dung manure, 1 kg of bone meal, and 1 kg of single super phosphate. Mix evenly to ensure proper distribution of all.
  • Manuring and fertilizers are important as they ensure an adequate supply of nuts.


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