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Haworthia Mutica


  • Common Name  : Aloe Mutica
  • Soil Type            : Well drained soil.
  • Temperature       : Prefers moderate temperature.
  • Sunlight             : Bright sunlight

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Haworthia mutica is one of the retuse-leaved haworthias, with compact flattened rosettes of prominently windowed leaves. It is mainly a non-proliferous species that do not offsets or offsets slowly, but most of the plants in cultivation derives from very prolific clones and form soon dense clumps. It is a variable species sometimes difficult to distinguish from toHaworthia retusa and Haworthia pygmaea.

It has thick geometric, truncated and triangular at apex, glaucous grey-green or glossy dark green with a characteristic bluish-brown colouration, often developing purplish cloudiness and striped in subtle shades of green. The tips are transparent and act like windows, allowing sun to enter inside of the leaf for chlorophyll processing. Flowers of Haworthia mutica is small, two-lipped, greenish-white with pale purplish veins. It blooms mainly in Summer but it may flowers in any favourable season.

Haworthia mutica grows best in bright but indirect, or moderate light or redden nicely in full sun. It grows without any major problems in cultivation and is an ideal small indoor plant. Outdoors it suit in rockeries, but avoid frost. They are slow growing and prefer a porous, well-draining soil. They need regular water, but don’t let the soil be constantly moist or soggy and while not wanting to be excessively wet, they will be equally unhappy if the soil is kept dry for long periods. They do best in warm dry climates. They should be propagated by seeds or vegetatively by leave cuttings or division of larger clumps.


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