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Echiveria Chinensis


  • Common Name  : Hens and Chicks
  • Soil Type            : Well drained soil.
  • Temperature       : Prefers moderate temperature.
  • Sunlight             : Bright indirect sunlight

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Echeveria Chinensis is a fast-growing evergreen succulent producing rosettes of juicy, fleshy dark green leaves. Sometimes referred to as Hens and Chicks. They get their common names hen and chicks because it produces multiple offsets which can be separated from the parents and grow separately in spring.

Place your succulent anywhere it can receive plenty of suns or bright light. Avoid intense, direct sunlight until the plant has acclimatized to its new environment. Make sure the soil is moist at all times during the spring and summer months. Water when soil is dry to the touch, which is approximately every 7 – 10 days. Avoid water it daily. Water them more in spring and summer and less in winter, and it’s better to underwater them than overwater them.


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